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Celebrity Testimonials

This book, The Trinity Of Health, gifts that to Dr. Carmen Harra's readers. Bravo to us all - see how this book can shift your body-mind-spirit into "...the grandest version of the greatest vision of yourself..." now!

Neale Donald Walsch

Author of Conversations with God

Just wanted to let you know that I am 18 weeks pregnant with a baby BOY! Just like you predicted!

Courtney Friel

Fox News

Through Carmen, one sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible.

Candice Bergen

Emmy–winning actress

Carmen is the best.

Shirley MacLaine

Multi-award-winning actress

Committed is a practical manual for anyone seeking to build and maintain a stable relationship.

John Gray

Bestselling author

The scope and magnitude, not to mention multitude, of talents and gifts of this woman are simply extraordinary.

April Masini

President & CEO Masini Television

Dr. Harra gives our mind a reason to accept what our heart already knows - that love is the great healer of life.

Darren Weissman

Bestselling author

Not only do you say and believe everything I believe in and teach, you do it with such clarity and tremendous integrity. I am proud to be your friend.

Collette Baron Reid

Carmen again brings forth her diverse talents to show how the mind, body and soul can be harmonized to set us on a path of personal growth and satisfaction.

Angela Hemingway

Everyday Karma is a practical manual for personal growth and transformation. It is easy to follow and can dramatically change your life for the better.

Deepak Chopra

Author of "How to Know God"

Dr. Carmen Harra has penned a special book that illuminates the spiritual life. If we find meaning in the challenges that confront us, we can break through to a life of growth, mission, and ongoing miracles.

James Redfield

Author of ”The Celestine Prophecy”

An amazing therapist ... She sees both where you've been and where you're going and becomes your ultimate guide to understanding yourself and thereby helping you to evolve spiritually and emotionally.

Marin Hopper

Fashion Director, "Elle" Magazine

Carmen Harra is amazing. With her process of meditation I have become so much more aware of my potential.

Cornelia Guest

Author and socialite

Carmen Harra's new book is a spiritual manifesto for healthy, happy living. Reading it is like a private consultation with Carmen herself, a breath of fresh air, and a new point of view on the road to destiny.

William Norwich

Contributing editor, Vogue

Skillfully connects human nature to numerology, blending psychology and spirituality to multiply strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and develop a thorough understanding of self. Plus One reinforces the universal truth that your destiny may be inspired by your birth code but is shaped by your very hands.

Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

Bestselling authors of The Zerner / Farber Tarot & The Creativity Oracle

Delivers a groundbreaking approach to the ancient art of numerology. It weaves archetypes into life paths, pinnacles into past lives, to divulge the deepest secrets of numbers. A must-read for anyone wishing to uplift their lives by learning the endless potential of their divine code.

Kelly Cutrone

Founder of People's Revolution and New York Times bestselling author

Client Testimonials

Hi Carmen, You did a reading for me in July of 2013. I was uncertain as to what to do with my life. Your reading was amazing. All the things you brought up came to pass. You also said there were 3 m,M,m’s, in my life. One Big M and 2 small M’s. That was the man I met when you said I would, and now have been together for 4 years. And I have 2 grand daughters which stands for the two small M’s that came up. And you mentioned a baby by the name of Angel, or Angela or Angelica. Turns out this was in reference to a baby that didn’t come to full term of my daughter's and when I called my daughter a year later to tell her I hadn’t forgotten about the first baby’s due date. She said, ”That’s ok Mom, Grandma is rocking her in heaven” So my Mother who had come thru was referring to the baby my daughter lost and at the time of the reading she was pregnant again. So you were right on. You also said the baby would be born with the soul of a baby by the name of Elizabeth which you said that was unusual for this to be coming thru. Well, my niece was pregnant at the same time. She named her baby Elizabeth. You also said my Mother said to watch my adrenals. I said what’s that? Oh WOW has that ever come to pass…. - C. W.

It was like yesterday when I met you at your reading of Everyday Karama :-) You told me I'd have these two kids--and when they'd come--and they did! You even mentioned I'd have a white cat and I can't imagine life without Bella the calico. Very smart cat. You and I met 15 years ago. Incredible! Take care! - K.G.

Dear Carmen, Thank you for putting the video on FB about the power off the mind. It as helped me so much. That video helped me to try things to get rid of the negitive thoughts. I use it now when ever I get those thoughts and dispell them. So thank you very much. Kind Regards, - M.

Dear Carmen: I have your book (one of my favorites) Everyday Karma always by my bedside. It's true! I feel so blessed to now be able to listen to you on 77 WABC. I continue to heal slowly from the death of my beloved dog. I know you will be able to comfort me in some way through your great gift. I am looking forward to talk to you one day. My very best to you and yours. - R.R.

Happy New Year Carmen!!! I was listening to your show - what a great show!! Best, - S.R.

I just finished reading Decoding Your Destiny and I immediately started Everyday Karma. I enjoyed your writing style very much and am going to recommend your books to my book club. I founded the club for the purpose of sharing positive books with my like-minded friends who wish to elevate their souls. I want to thank you for the great work you do. May God continue to bless you with good health and love in your life. Best regards, T.T.-G.

At my parents 60th wedding Anniversary...I had a reading with you 11 years ago. You are totally insightfully right on target! Still living in the moment. Blessings and much love to you, - Sujata

I thoroughly enjoyed your first program on WOR. Congratulations! Thank you for a very informative program. Best regards, - C. B.

Hello there Dr. Carmen Harra, I’m an amateur actor, singer, playwright. I recently started writing a new musical about a young man overcoming his fears. I was looking through articles about fear and came to the conclusion that I could a song for each step on how to overcome fear. I came across your article about the FEARLESS method of overcoming fear and thought it was absolutely brilliant. - Sincerely, M.W.

Hello, I would just like to say I've really enjoyed listening to the radio shows Carmen Harra has hosted over the last several years. Carmen seems to be able to proceed & lend some of her broad range of general knowledge & social skill fill the void with warmth that is a signature characteristic of her stage presence. Even when technical difficulties occur she carries the show with grace & aplomb. It's good to hear advice rendered that may also be applied to others experiencing similar situations. I think Carmen has helped people to feel better with a warmth, wit, & intelligent humor that radiates a light in this world. Keep up the work of good! Happy holidays, - J.T.

Dearest Carmen....I wanted to thank you again for the green ring. I had a reading with you a year ago, and everything you told me has come true. I took your advice, and have made up with my mom, as she now needs my help. You gave me courage, love and hope when I needed a friend, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! OX - J.R.

Carmen, You are my good luck charm---after I e-mailed you, not only did I get the job I was looking for, my headaches went away, and I have been feeling so much better physically and mentally. All my best, with love, - R.N.

Dear Carmen, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today! The reading was extremely insightful and I truly enjoyed talking with you. As I had mentioned in my reading today, I want to again want to thank you for a reading I had a year ago with you. You provided so many details and told me so many specific dates that happened as you had predicted!! It was truly AMAZING! So again thank you! - M.J.

I made my Easter gift two of your books. Yesterday I got them and now I read them in parallel, because both captivated me from the first rows. I really want to have the entire collection of your books. I think (they) are the most motivational and easy to read books I ever put in my hand and…. I read a lot so far. Also, I think it's the ideal gift I can give to anyone. I wish you a long and healthy life ... because I'm sure you have so much to say, to transmit. - M.

This is the second time I try to read your book Everyday karma, but I can't. I just weep. Your words just pass straight through me in to my heart where they vibrates until and all I can do is cry. First I feel soothered, calm by your words and the way you write, I kind of hear your voice. Then I get this lump in my heart, solarplexus, and I start to weep. This is so strong! - K.K.

My heart is sad without your weekly broadcast. You are sage, LOVE and a clear Pure channel who HAS to be heard. You are Hands-Down my favorite Hay House Broadcaster Healer and without your weekly advise and love; there is a whole in my heart. You have showed us such loving guidance on the air. You Will be Missed. I feel that you have a niche in that crowd of your peers of seers and that you Will be called to return. Please accept the new invitation. Please smile sweet friend; we LOVE you so much and we need you More than ever. God gave you that glorious singing voice and bigger Brilliant Heart. I miss you, pray for you and all Of your millions if listeners-your family that your Star shines Brighter than Ever before. - L.C.

The book you have written "Break your destiny code" suddenly appeared in front of me when I was at the library. I've never heard your name before and knew nothing about you. I was immediately intrigued, and now I've finished reading the book. Wonderful and inspiring book! I feel so good in your writing, and have been searching for a long time in my spiritual powers and my spiritual abilities. Wishing you all the best!! - R. H.

I have been listening to you over Hay House Radio for awhile. I look forward to your show every week as well as listen to archived shows repeatedly. Every time you inspire me and I have a few ‘WOW’ moments!!!! Especially with todays topic – TRUST. My husband and I are relocating to another province and I KNOW we are being guided daily especially this last year. Its amazing!!!! I have a sense of calm knowing and with trust. I just wanted to say thank you because you have helped me on this path. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! - L.L.

I have drawn great inspiration and insight from Dr. Carmen Harra and her profound work. She is a rare light who offers a positive, expanded perspective on life's opportunities, gifts and challenges. I highly recommend her timeless writings and counsel. - Matthew Cross, Fortune 100 Strategist, Author and International Speaker

I just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Even though we may never meet in person, I really needed to tell you how very grateful I am to you for sharing your love with me in my time of need. I cannot thank you enough for your tip on releasing bad memories from the past - by inhaling deeply and stating firmly, "it never happened,it was JUST a bad dream, and I look forward to my wonderful, beautiful future! "This has helped me immensely! What a beautiful person you are to help so many of us! Thank You for your pure, sincere heart.....Some of us never felt mothered, and you are that glowing spirit that shares so joyfully! God Bless You Carmen! - J.R.

I have drawn great inspiration and insight from Dr. Carmen Harra and her profound work. She is a rare light who offers a positive, expanded perspective on life's opportunities, gifts and challenges. I highly recommend her timeless writings and counsel. - M. C.

Dear Dr. Harra, I love your show on Hay House Radio. Your advice has helped me improve my life. Thank you for sharing your wisdowm with the world. - S. M.

How I LoveYou. How I Love You. How I Love You!!!!!! You are such a fine Teacher. The visual of you is phenomenal because We can see your radiant love and light Dr. All my love & to darling Alexandra. - L.

I just want to commend you for your performance on your radio program today. You modeled balance, compassion, intelligence, and strength. You spoke with clarity both verbally and vocally. Listening to you was very easy and informative. - P.S.

I read your book Wholeliness and loved it!! Also, thank you for the beautiful necklace! I listen to your show every week and it inspires me and educates me. Thanks for making the world a better place..I love you dearly and appreciate you taking your precious time to reply to me....Blessings!!!! - A.

I just received my beautiful abundance ring and it is gorgeous! I love it so much! I intend to wear it everyday! You are so generous and kind. I will be ordering your jewelry for gifts and for myself. It is truly awesome! - D.N.

I would like to thank you from my heart for your encouraging and wise words on Hay house radio! I have enjoyed listening to you, and I got such a positive reinforcement and empowerment in the subject of finances! I will be financially healed very soon, to have that knowing and peace is extremely valuable to me! Thank you dear Carmen! - M.K.

I just wanted to let you know what a delight it is listening to you on your Hayhouse Radio show. I have gone into the archives....you are amazing and I love listening to you!! I just wanted to let you know how much you have lifted my spirit today! Thank you!! - S. S.

Dear, Wonderful Carmen, I am thrilled to hear from you. I LOVE listening to you on Hay House. I've told a number of people about you and how delightful it is to listen to you tell people you love them and that you are their friend forever. Your spirit is so sweet that I often cry and smile when I listen to you. I want to be loving like you, Carmen. I want to be friends with you forever, too. - S.K.

Once again, you were spot on. As you predicted, we started thinking "baby" in March. Please send your wonderful vibes and I'll keep you posted. Hope all is well with you and catch me up on your life when you can. - J.O.

Hello Carmen :-) I didn't want to go to bed without taking time to thank you for the lovely time I had with you and the information which you were able to give me. I am really happy with everything and look forward to speaking with you again sometime. I think you are a class act Dr. Harra and also a really great gal! Thank you so much! - L.M.

Dearest Carmen, My cup overfloweth. You helped me so much this morning. My heart sings with joy and hope. Thank you for your gifts and your help. I hope to meet you someday. I promise I will follow up by calling your show. Until then, I'll be listening. - S.K.

I've been listening to you the last few weeks on suffering, love and mistakes. You have been instrumental in my understanding and healing and I want to say thank you. You never know who you might touch or how. I want you to know that your guidance and insight is having the most powerful and real effect upon me... Your guidance is helping me correct and accept, and to live in love. Your truth is giving me strength; in myself and in this experience I find myself in, giving me a way to understand....Thank you so much. - D.M.

Thank you for being such a beautiful person and for sharing your gifts. After our session and your amazing insight and guidance, I feel as if I have been unshackled and released from a bondage I felt but could not identify. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - P. W.

Thank you so very much for teaching these classes. I have learned so much from each one and know what I have learned will effect me in many positive ways going forward. I love expanding in knowledge/wisdom and find you give that gift. I will review the lessons via the download while also continuing to grow with you via your weekly show, 'We Are One' and your book 'Wholeliness which I love'. All God's Continued Blessings to you, your family and all you love and care about! - C.

Thank you so much for offering this course. It is so helpful to have to someone to talk to and listen to regarding those special spirit moments that happen in the mist of the daily routine. I clear my schedule every Thursday to listen to you on Hay House, and I am close to completing my third book of yours. Thank you for your dedication to the spirit in all of us. - V.

I enrolled in your course the magic of Metaphysics. I love you. I purchased your latest book Wholeliness and The Eleven Eternal Principles on the Kindle. I am so grateful to Hay House for leading me to you. God Blesses all of us. - R.

I've been listening to Hay House for some years now and I'm writing to say that out of all this time I've been listening and learning how to better my life, Dr. Carmen Harra has made the most profound impact on my life. Her incredible loving and nurturing spirit touches my soul like no other, guiding me on the right path to live a better life and to be in touch with my loved ones who have passed on. - M.G.

For my favorite person in the whole world!!!!

You have the best birthday year ever because You are LOVE and God's LIGHT! I had an Amazing day with you and your Alexandra. WOWEEEEEE! Carmen, I love your music. I just heard you singing today, what a lovely singing voice God gave you. Soft is my favorite song. I cry thinking of the multifaceted gifts bestowed that you share and the insurmountable energy with which you give your pure love. May I also say that your pureness shows in your presence. You have a luminosity about you that is radiant. How the Lord lets his Lambkin shine. I just love you sooo much and your little daughter sharing her heart about her Mommy brought me to my knees.

I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and kindness. You are changing our world lovely Carmen and Alexandra. Each week it is a pleasure to hear you comfort us and guide us. You are my salve. I want you for my family and I pray that my girls will know you and your girls. Everyone who saw my jewelery Loved your creations. I felt so beautiful for the first time in a very long time. What an event you made of my first journey since 2005. ( a memory we made my soul sister) All of my LOVE, Lori

Thank you for your amazing guidance for all. Our world is becoming a better world to live. We need more of you, Carmen. In the past two months, I first discovered you in Hayhouseradio.com, I have been enjoying listening to you and I always look forward to listening to your radio show every Thursday. I am also excited to learn that you have published Wholiness last year. I am so grateful for this wonderful book and wonderful gifts you are sharing with us. Indeed, your books are easy to understand and easy to read. Thank you so much for your beautiful guidance, Carmen. - W.

Hi Carmen, I am a huge fan of yours. You are so nice to all of your callers, and that makes you a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for your time. - S. R.

I would like to send a thank you note to thank Dr.Carmen Harra for sharing her beautiful gift with so many people as well as her genuine kindness and generosity, she is an absolute delight to listen and to talk to. Also I am very thankful to EVERYONE at the Hayhouseradio to make so many wonderful connections available around the world. - Z.A.

Hello my beautiful friend. I called your radio show last week and we had a wonderful chat about recovery from addiction and a bit about John of God. I find you to be one of God's precious teachers and I do believe I am as well. I would like take this opportunity to thank you for your beautiful book and your shining example of wholeliness. - R. J.

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your time last week. I appreciate your time, wisdom and greatly respect your words and talent. - R. F.

I am listening to your show on karma. I find it absolutely fascinating. - K.O.

I want to thank you for an awesome show today!!! I am writing to you from Acapulco, Mexico. Your beautiful words helped me understand a little about the things I`ve been going through. Yesterday I felt as if God spoke to me, he said he understood how I felt and that He was looking at me and He had listened to my prayers, that He and I are one. Minutes later I listened to a show at Hay House Radio and the message was repeated... today I asked the Lord for something else and I believe your comments answered my prayer, Karma is why I am going through these moments of my life. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift, you were hand picked by God; He spreds His love to us all by having you in our lives regardless of distances, color and language. - I.M.

We have great memories of coming down to see you in Hollywood and enjoying the guidance you have given us. You predicted our son's date of birth and descriptive details to us even before we were pregnant and they were exactly right. He is doing great and we are hanging in there as well. - B.S.

Carmen you said in my reading that the show would be in Miami. This morning I heard the CEO of my company call the company lawyer to see if he had checked on a TV channel IN...MIAMI !!!! - S.C.

I was listening to your discussion on Friday on Doctor Radio and found it to be most facinating. I hope you will continue to share your wealth of knowledge with us. I found it to be so educational. I was particularly interested in the discussion regarding Mild Cognitive Impairment that was brought up by one of your callers as I too have a close relative who has recently been diagnosed with it. - K.C.

Thank you for taking my call. When you said John Joseph for names, that was my father's first and middle name who is in spirit. I am very happy that my guides instructed me to call you. You helped me take a lot of stress off of my mind. I wish you much continued success. You certainly are a Cosmic Woman who is definitely tapped into other realms. I admire your high energy. - U.

Do you remember mentioning to me "Michael" -- "who is Michael' yesterday? I met a Michael today and had a beautiful evening with great conversations.....he is beautiful = must say...into yoga and meditation and is a vegetarian. --- this evening of good mature interesting exchange made up for this lousy time last week. It was all my fault to hang out with the wrong people. Another big lesson from the universe...teaches you not to compromise on what you don't want and know who you are and filter through people by knowing what works with one's own energy. --I just thought I'd share as you had so strongly mentioned the name Michael!! - u are amazing. Love - S.

I listened to your first radio show on Hay House radio last week. You were on fire! You had such important things to say. I had a fascinating on air reading with you on your 8/14/09 show. I thought you might like to receive a validation of something you told me on that show. You told me that you saw me publishing a book in 2010. You thought it would be a year to a year and two months from when we were speaking. Nine months ago I did have a book published, October 29th 2010. The title is: A Mother's Tears-Poems of Heartbreak, Loss, and Discovery. That was exactly a year and two months after we spoke! Thank you for the work and service that you are doing. It means so much. - C.S.

"My daughters and I have had the privilege of meeting you through readings I arranged for them. They tell me they have bought your book, "Wholeliness" and have been in contact with you for a question, but also a "Thank You" for the privilege of knowing you as an author. I am reading "The Eleven Eternal Principles" at the moment, and I cannot tell you how wonderful and helpful your words are! I am buying up every book of yours I can find, will put them all in the family Library for the children, when they have the opportunity to visit "Home"! I suspect, as I do not charge "Late Fees", the "Dr. Harra" section will be empty most of the time. Given that, I am charging through them as fast as I can!!!! Thank you so much, for your wisdom, kindness, decency as a woman, and especially, as busy as you are, for taking the time to check in and respond to those of us more "ordinary" people. As we go through life, if we are observant, we see many gifts God has given us. Some are small...some are large! YOU are a LARGE gift to the world! Thank You! - M.E.

J'espère que tu passes une bonne journée et que tu vas pouvoir trouver une machine au moins son nom pour le test.. Alex m'a appelé dans l'après midi, j'ai suivi ton conseil j'ai répondu elle m'a parlé 30 minutes de tout et de rien savoir ce que je faisais ce qu'elle fait... Es tu certaine que je lui réponde soit la solution? va t elle quand même réaliser ce qu'elle a fait si elle me parle quand elle en a envie? Si oui c'est ok je continu même si pour moi c'est difficile de le parler sans la voir... Mais si ça lui permet d'être bien et que tu penses que c'est bon et ne repoussera pas son retour à la réalité je suis prêt à être la quand elle en a besoin... Je t'aime merci --R.

"I can't wait to read it!!! I am a social work professor in south Georgia, after having worked in the Florida University system for 10 years. My daughter lives in Naples and I go every other weekend to visit her. I am taking your book with me this weekend to give to her and another one for her friend whose mother is undergoing testing for what they believe to be metastasized lung cancer. You are an absolute inspiration and are in my prayers. --B."

I wanted to tell you that EVERYTHING that you said would happen to me has happened. Even the car accident that you saw. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. - J.M.

Thank you so much... I'm so glad that I can talk to you... you are really a wonderful person... really amazing... you have helped me clear all my questions and doubts in my life... I really really appreciate for the moment to talk with you... Thank you so much... --L.S.

Buna seara iubita doamna, Ma mai prezint pt a fi sigur ca ma recunoasteti, sunt Radu Musetescu, P.R.-ul Aurei Urziceanu.
Va scriu pentru a va multumi, pt a va spune ca sunteti divina si in cel mai sigur mod sunteti un ales special al Domnului. Ceea ce mi-ati spus ca se va intampla, iata ca s-a intamplat, azi am fost angajat la Hotel Class din capitala, din Baneasa pe malul Herastraului, de un anume Walter....deci initiala numelui incepe cu W, nu este de nationalitate romana, evident si are peste 50 de ani si e usor grizonat.....sunteti magnifica, sunteti luminata de sus cu intelepciune si har... Astazi am ramas cu totii inmarmuriti si va transmitem toata dragostea noastra si bucuria pe care o simtim, va dorim sa o simtiti dvs inmiit. Asa este...se pare ca este anul meu, fiind nascut pe 7. 07. 1983. Am sa va mai tin la curent si cu urmatoarele evenimente ce vor lua fiinta asa cum mi-ati spus dvs. Apropo, ucrainienii anunta cutremur din Vrancea de 9 grade si spun ca va fi in curand.....am sa-mi asigur casa...cam cand va fi-luna aceasta? Va iubim si va imbratisam cu drag si cand veti reveni in tara am sa vin la dvs sa va multumesc personal si sa va cunosc! Va iubesc, Radu, Corina si Vladut(11luni) Musetescu

Intai de toate, eu va felicit pentru curajul pe care la-ti avut sa exprimati adevarul in privinta Madalinei Manole - curaj de a va expune efectului IGNORANTEI. Aceste cuvinte sunt nu pentru a va flata caci are cine sa va flateze insa sunt cuvintele cuiva care a beneficiat de serviciile dv. Ca si mine sunt convinsa ca foarte multe persoane din Romania au apelat la serviciile dv.., si ma intreb unde sunt aceste persoane sa confirme: VALOAREA, CORECTITUDINEA si nu in ultimul rand ADEVARUL despre aceste lucruri care intradevar nu sunt la indemana romanilor, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu exista. In numele ignorantilor di Romania va cer iertare si sa ne amintim un vers din Biblie : ''.... iarta-i doamne ca nu stiu ce fac ... .'' - A.C.

Inspiration from you for the past 10 years led me to do what I do now and share as well some of your teaching. It reminds me how love and presence just make such of a difference in each moment in people's lives and you have been there for me at times as a teacher but many times as a friend and family. I thank you so much, I adore you! " - F.L.

I've read books by Dr. Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson and others and all of them have been extremely enlightening but YOUR books are life empowering. You have helped me heal in so many ways and on so many levels that I think of it as transformative. I re-read you eleven principles most everyday. Just the highlights mind you but, they are can-do practical points to a healthier life. If you only knew all of the positive changes I've made since beginning my journey through your work. Too many to count. You have touched my heart and given me courage to live with purpose. I am deeply indebted to you. Thank you. From the bottom of my soul, thank you. - P.F.

You are a great and a wonderful positive human being who helps a lot of people, and you are so courages in bringing forth these predictions that I haven't even read one that hasn't come true. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with me and the world. - L.

Wonderful person with amazing abilities. I personally can confirm from my own experience! Carmen has so much to share, start from reading her books, you will understand how much love and enlightement she has to share with all of us, with our world about improvement of the way we think, feel, see everything around us and inside of? ourselves...Consulting Dr. Harra will be one memorable event in your life, you will never forget! - P.

I have told my friend today about you and about your strength, and you were the inspiration for us all !!! You are so loved and respected, and adored by those who aspire to have your strength in the light of adversity. - S.

We are blessed to have you among us. With such an integral mind, no wonder you have the ability to help us figure the purpose of being on earth. I am following you everywhere: online, on tv becouse I've been expecting answers from you to the questions I've been asking myself every day of my life. - M.L.

Thank you so much for today!!! You are such a wonderful woman and it was such a pleasure to speak with you and have you as a guest on our show!! You truly put a smile on my face!!! - Ashley Diamond, Better TV

You are beautiful, smart and also know what our souls need...- R.A.

Just loved this french TV show, it is amazing. You have been my guru too for so many years.... I love you. - F.L.

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for taking the time to write The Eleven Eternal Principles. I've nearly finished reading this wonderful, insightful and inspirational book which I've found amazingly mind blowing and given me a great new way of looking at the whole world we live in and others as individuals. It's a truly beautiful book and can't wait to read it again once I've finished. I'm really grateful that you choose to write this, it is phenomenal! - J.J.

I have read your wonderful book "Every Day Karma" and was astonished by clarity of the information that was always inside of me, however you just confirmed so many things to me. Knowing and learning more about my own self development and evolving constantly, I am so grateful to the Universe for allowing me to experience your personal advice. Thank you Dear Carmen for your amazing input into peoples' lives! - O.V.

I am reading your book— "11 Eternal Principals" and it is tremendous! The BEST book you have written -- the world really needs this now. - Pamela Clarke Keogh, author of Audrey Style

Over a year and half ago, you described a man that I would meet. You were absolutely, to a tee, acurate in your description. Including his heritage. - K.K.

Basically, all the things you forecasted have happened: won custody, legal process about 6 weeks, earthquake stronger than the one in Haiti, earthquakes all over the world. Thank you so much for so accurate predictions. You're truly amazing! - V.

I hope you are well. An earthquake hit California this morning. You are Amazing!!! - O.

I am currently reading your book "Everyday Karma" for the second time round and I must express my gratitude for inspiring me and awakening my higher self in which I have felt disconnected from for some time now. I now feel a sense of awakening, as if I have been asleep and am now again only opening my eyes. Though I am still struggling to find direction in my life, I am working towards discovering myself and the path that I am meant to be traveling on. I've been feeling very lost and am trying to find my feet again after being a stay at home mother for the past 5 years. I'm not sure what to do with myself, or what my purpose is other then being a mother - which is my primary passion. I've always felt a sense of there being something much more to life then the physical - experiencing many paranormal, unexplained incidents from early childhood, and after reading your book it all makes much more sense to me. I thank you again, and I truly believe that I was meant to stumble upon your book whilst searching aimlessly at a local library for something new to read :-) - D.B.

About 4 years ago I met you at the learning annex where I attended a class in which you were discussing the power of numbers and thier meaning. Me and my aunt then set up a consultation to see you for a reading. In that session you let me knew that I would be countinuing my education, meeting someone (who you described to me as being extermely tall very close to his mother and he would treat me very well) and that I would want to move to the south (I was so determined to move to California) as well as I would lose the extra weight I had put on after college. All this was going to happen within the the following year of me meeting you. That following year I lost 50lbs, met this great guy who you described to me precisely and now we will be getting married. I am countinuing my education on the masters level. As well as we are planning on moving to the south. Thank you for your positivity, insight and words of wisdom. - A.

Your book gave me everything I needed to define my self to my own life and my own journey. I read your book the 11 Eternal Principles and I am grateful. I do agree, alot of people are waking up but humanity has grown to such a level that change takes a more dramatic impact than just a few ppl ..voting is a big way of change, although we can never seem to vote for things we realy want to...as we are overun by man made laws an man made systems... - A.V.

Thank you very much for writing this inspiring book Everyday Karma. I found this book by chance in the lowest time in my life. Felt like it is God's sent of comfort to me through your book. May you continue to have the gifts to help many people who need your kind help. - L.

Really enjoying your book. Reading the part about abundance right now. I love the stories from Romania. I am very thankful to have you as a friend. I love you and the work you do for humanity. - O

Thanks so Much for writing such a powerful book. I have been reading the book the last two weeks. While advancing my reading through the principles I felt that I have to stop and take time to enjoy the message...I hope many people get to read it and listen to your message of new beginnings and unity. - T.G.

I finished your wonderful book "The Eleven Eternal Principles" and I savored every word of it. The Law of Karma perhaps made it possible for me to have met you that day in Cornell's medical office. Your book is so soothing and written with so much compassion I loved it. - C.C.

I'm watching a rebroadcasting from "Happy hour" from November 2008. Romanians are proud of you and glad to know such a great Romanian is a great personality outside Romanian borders. - I.M.

I appreciate all that you've done for me in the years that I've been speaking with you. The fact that you care so much makes you incredible at what you do. I thank God for your presence in my life. - C.

Buna ziua doamna Carmen, sint din Romania, unul din cei 20 milioane de romani care spera sa vada luminita de la capatul tunelului! De cite ori ne-ati vizitat parca se zarea ceva , fruntile noastre si sufletele se luminau!!! Sintem iar negri, plini de neliniste si ura, uitati si de cei de sus, poate daca ne vizitati si intrati in casele noastre pe ecranele televizoarelor ne luminati tunelul sa putem vedea iar luminita de la capatul lui! Am propus unor televiziuni sa inlocuiasca calupul de publicitate cu chipul si zimbetul Dvs , ar fi o adevarata binecuvintare, dar n-am avut sanse de convingere!?!? O zi buna sa aveti si Doamne ajuta, ani bulanga

Thank you very much for our telephone consultation! After we finished our conversation I realized that the region you were talking about between Mexico and Peru is Costa Rica (I was born there!). Thank you, thank you so very much... you are a blessing to the world! - L.O.

I just listened to the show on FOX and wanted to tell you that I could not be more grateful today for the teaching I have received from you over those years. The first time we met was 9 years ago and realized it was the beginning of my inner journey. Since I followed you through your books and radio show, I went through a strong healing process and karma resolving and today it feels that all comes together to a great understanding that pushes me to share it with others and express it positively to the world. You have been such an inspiration. - F.L.

One of the revelations you presented to me, was the letters F and M. I have been writing a movie script for the past two years. My spirit guides who have championed my writing have the names Florence and Major. I just wanted to share with you how accurate you were and how much it means to me and my life to have these connections brought to my attention and how they relate to the project I am working on. - M.S.

Thank you again for taking the time to have the session with me. I really appreciate it and am grateful tremendously. God bless you. - E.E.

Thank you for taking the time to write and thanks to the publisher, the book is amazing! I enjoyed every page of it, remarkably done, well written and fantastic teachings. This is a great help on the path to a better future as humanity, you nailed every principle with excellence. - J.M.

I'm so glad you are right! Thank you soooo much. - N. B.

I was listening to your music tonight. "Feel the magic" You're voice is soo beautiful! I also watched your interview on Fox. You carry a very wonderful vibration. - P.M.

Thank you for being in my life, Carmen. I am now reading your second book "Decoding Your Destiny". Numerology always fascinated me so I've studied it a little throughout the years mainly because I've always wondered why three, four-digit particular combination of numbers keep repeating themselves in my life! Life is certainly intriguing. And as much as I've studied numerology, I never knew about the "seven year life cycles" and "personal years/personal months" until reading your book...so once again, thank you for being my teacher, Carmen. - M.K.

Thank you again so much for the reading. I always feel hope after I speak with you and see the world in a new, more brilliant light.. whether what you tell me is what i want to hear or not! I am also enjoying your new book...I cannot thank you enough! For example-- your chapter on the law of love-- when you said '.. when we do not love others unconditionally, we send the message that they are unlovable..' that brought tears to my eyes... why can't we all see the world this way?! I can go on and on-- but in the end you have changed my life so much .. and because of you-- I can reflect that positivity in my world and hopefully change others around me (like you said!). - S.

Am vorbit de 2 ori la telefon cu d-voastra cand erati in FL in urma cu cateva luni si mi-ati spus ca o sa-mi raspunde-ti si la un e-mail. Ma numesc Mirela , sunt din Portland,OR si sunt nascuta in 09-18-1974 . Vreau sa va mentionez ca aproape tot ce mi-ati spus atunci la telefon s-a si intamplat. Poate m-ai puteti sa-mi spuneti ceva si prin e-mail(mi-ati spus sa mai tinem legatura )....daca nu o sa mai incerc eu sa va mai sun.Multumesc mult de ajutor si ma bucur ca existati. - M.

"I am writing to you a validation of a reading you did for me in July of 2008. It was at the Learning Annex. You gave many readings, it was very entertaining but of course, we all just couldn't wait for our own reading!!! Finally! You looked at me and said, "There's a little girl. She's about seven years old. She has long, light-colored hair." I said, "Yes" and you went on to say, "She shows me a pink umbrella." Then you laughed a bit and said, "She's dancing. She looks like an angel!"

I validated, as best I could, that it was my sister. She died at seven years old, she had long blond hair, and she had a pink umbrella. She loved to pretend she was Shirley Temple and would often dance for us. Mentioning the pink umbrella was amazing, even though I had to think about it, because it was so long ago when she died, 1975, and I was only thirteen at the time. But, just a few moments passed and I remembered the pink umbrella. There were many aspects of the reading that were pertinent to my life and to a project that I have been working on. Your messages were clear and very inspirational" -M.X.

"Your reading was nothing short of astonishing. You said my late grandmother was pointing to something like a gold medallion, which I know was her gold locket that she gave me, and to something on her head, and I wear her fur hat all the time. The messages she and my father gave me were ones completely true to who they were in life. My grandma was always offering me money and you said she was telling you that whenever I am worried about finances to talk to her on the other side! You said my father was telling me he wanted me to laugh more, which he was always saying, and that he would come to me in dreams on Thursdays. I was speechless because I know you don't realize it, but that was the day of the week when he would come to my home for dinner. Who comes to dinner on Thursdays? Only my dad! I can't tell you how much comfort and joy it gave me to receive extremely detailed messages from my loved ones who passed over. I still have the chills!"-J.M.

"In your reading you said that my wife and I were together when the library at Alexandria was burned. I always said I wanted to marry a librarian (she is a writer actually) and I've often said one of the worst moments in human history is when that ancient library was burned because of the knowledge it contained. Whenever I think of it, it feels very real to me, so it was fascinating that you saw this."-G.D.

"Carmen, I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me a year ago at your home. Its amazing, I am now seeing things I never saw when you were talking to me.
* You mentioned that I would be working in real estate. I am now working in commercial real estate in Manhattan.
* You mentioned I would be moving forward with a wrongful termination from my last job. That is going well.
* You mentioned that I would be starting my own company. I will be doing that at the end of this year.
I never thought all of this would be happening. I kept an open mind and an open heart and now, doors are opening for me as I never thought would. THANK YOU!!! I appreciate everything, and I will recommend my friends and family get your books and have a reading with you as well."--G.

"What you told me back then helped me enormously and gave me a lot of strength and courage. You then sent me the tape of our conversation, but I must say, I haven't listened to it in at least four years now...Then, a couple of days ago, a dear friend of mine reminded me of that tape and what you told me those years back and I really freaked out!! I am very happy to say that your predictions have indeed come true, Carmen!!!
For example, last week I married the man of my dreams and I could not be happier with this wonderful soul. I am also 20 weeks pregnant (you told me I would have children, but back then I told you I didn't want any...however, with this wonderful man I did change my mind) and, as you predicted, I live in a house with lots of windows, overlooking the sea. You are amazing!!"-T.

"In last night's reading you had mentioned two names together, George and John. The only people I could think of with these names were my two uncles. Uncle George had passed away some years ago. Just so happens, Uncle Johnny passed away last night. I am sure they were who you were talking about!"-B.

"Last Wednesday, you told me that two new doctors were coming in to help me, with the initial R, W or D. One doctor was bald and had glasses and would 'make me a treatment.' Well, it turns out my doctors' names are Robert N. (that is the "R" and he is bald) -- he will be the person coming up with the chemo cocktails, hence the "treatment"--and the surgeon is Peter D. (that is the "D" and he has glasses). These doctors are supposedly renowned in the field of cancer. Carmen, this is really scary! I will keep you posted."-M.M.

"Carmen, on Aug. 15, 2007 you said, that an alliance / acquisition will take place for the company I work for/with in Germany, which will bring a whole new development to the project. You said that you saw a tall man by the name of Frank play a role. You know what? We have an acquisition offer from a large company, and do you know what the first name of the key person is ??? Frank!!!! See how amazing you are? Love you!"-S.

I really feel that I have to write to you and thank you for such a lovely - inspiring and meaningful phone session. I am sure you know that you are one of those rare angles here on earth and I feel so fortunate to have met you and being guided by you. - H.

"Just a short note to let you know my project of four years is blooming. My book is out in America and Australia. In one of your readings you advised me to write it and I just like to tell you once again many, many thanks. I'm so happy with the results and yes, it would not be here without your help. I'm so grateful for your advice in so many ways!"-E.B., Author of How I learnt and Healed through Spirituality

Draga dna Carmen,
acu' un an prin septembrie v-am sunat si am vorbit 15 minute...eram disperata ca incercam de 3 ani sa avem un copil si in ciuda faptul ca nu aveam nici un fel de probleme sarcina nu aparea....Mi-ati spus atunci ca pana in spetembrie 2009 se v-a intampla minunea... ca scrie in destinul meu ca o sa am o doi copii... In mai anul asta am ramas insarcina in urma unui tratament in vitro iar acum sun in luna a-7-a deja....Incredibil.....
Am vrut doar sa va scriu sa impart cu dvs aceasta bucurie imensa....multumesc mult ptr ca mi-ati dat o speranta...am crezut mult in ceea ce a-ti spus si uite ca minunea s-a implinit. Acuma sunt doar curioasa daca puiutul e fetitza asa cum a-ti spus ;-) Am sa va spun in februarie cand am due date ;-) va imbratisez cu drag, Maja din Suedia

It was interesting speaking with you on ContactTalkRadio last night. There is a lot for me to think about. You said that you would like a picture of my son's apple tree with the rainbow in it, so I am sending it to you. Isn't that amazing? I am also sending you a picture of my beautiful boy. He was like a shooting star. He was bright and glorious, but never meant to stay very long -- I just didn't know it. I miss him every minute of every day. Losing my son is truly anguish of the soul. I am working every day for understanding and acceptance in a divine plan.

By the way, Pam lives 3 miles from me, and she is the one who told me about you. I read your book,"Decoding Your Destiny," and found it helpful. I discovered Pam after going to a free group reading that she did at our local Borders store. My husband and I were one of the couples that got a reading. I don't think that was a coincidence either. Thank you for the work that you do. -C.

Multumesc pentru raspuns, sincer nu ma asteptam sa imi raspundeti! Chiar daca ma repet va reamintesc ca ati fost in generatia de cintareti care ne descreteau fruntile si ne infrumuseteau vietile in acea perioada de negru comunism. Ati afirmat la tv si pe buna dreptate ceva de genul ca bucurestiul arata negru, sumbru , negativ...ca multe din cladiri ar trebui cosmetizate ca sa arate pozitiv, mici modificari pt a-i schimba aspectul. In sensul acesta si cu permisiunea Dvs. as pune pe 80% din cladiri postere cu chipul Dvs. A vrut sa fie o gluma finuta, sper ca nu v-am jignit, dar nu mi-ar displacea sa va vad chipul la fiecare 10 metri! Sinteti atit de pozitiva si lasati loc de speranta la toata lumea de aceea mi-am permis sa va trimit gindurile mele! Tot binele din lume, ani bulanga P.S.: Nu cunosc limba engleza, iar in romaneste v-am citit cartea Carma de fiecare zi.

You're a GREAT interviewer...... (to say the least). Your sharpness, wit and expansive mind have made the interview rich and meaningful. You are very special and I am glad that you were introduced me to you. - Dr. L.

It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I want to thank you, very much for taking my call at the radio station (on Wednesday). You always leave positive energy in me, and positive thinking, and for that I am so grateful. I look forward to speaking to you again!! -C.

Thank you, Carmen, for all the good advices that you are giving me. I love you, for that and for everything you do in this world and the love You transmit to all of us!!!-C.

I am a professional singer/songwriter! I hear you have been in the trade as well!!!! I also write other things besides songs. You are inspiring me to finish my T.V. show and begin my entertainment company. In other words, you are in spirit guiding me to a higher conciousness to fullfill my lifes purpose and mission, THANK YOU!!!

I am enjoying your new book immensely!!! I have read your web site and have so enjoyed the content! I would love to have a 15 minute session with you! Peace and blessings, -Candice

The phone interview went really well for the job this afternoon. Also I have good news: My sister is pregnant - she is about 4 weeks along....Remember you said that my mom was talking about preparing for reincarnation and the baby and my mom talked about a day of an "11"...well today is the 11th and the doctor confirmed it today. -J.

You realize that last night's crowd was not usual--it was all because of you--you were wonderful; I enjoyed you immensely. I had heard folks speaking of you the day of the fair, but because I was vending, I was not able to leave my table to hear your talk, but I made a mental note to see you in June, and I'm so glad I did. You were not only very informative, but greatly entertaining, and you can see, the crowd loved you... With Light & Love, -S.

Just a note to THANK YOU for having me on your radio show. You are such a wonderful and beautiful lady. It was also nice speaking with John. I cannot express how much I think of you in words. You are simply amazing. -S.

I had a private reading with you in your home back in 2006 (I went with a friend) and some of what you said came true for me, and most of what you said for my friend came true for her. I would like to schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible for fifteen minutes. -A

I wanted to thank you again for the insightful phone consultation from last week! It was meant to be that I waited 3 years later to contact you... I am thankful to have you now in my life! Thank you and much love! -D.

Two years ago you gave me a reading where you told me I would get pregnant....well...I did! And just as you said....I went to an infetility clinic in another city and conceived. I now have given birth to a beautiful baby boy! You asked me to keep in touch so I'm letting you know. Thank you so much for helping me feel like it was possible! I am sending you a picture of my little miracle child. You also said I'd either have twins, or have children very close in age...so I'm hoping my next one is soon on the way! - J.

Thank you for everything! I really appreciate it! I needed someone to help me move forward and understand. You are such a gift....thank you....thank you....thank you! I will definetely follow up with you. -L.

Just wanted to let you know that the hynosis is working. I have not had a cigarette in 4 weeks. I can't say it is not hard but the willpower kicks in everytime I have the urge to smoke. As you predicted (which you do so well) I have alot more clarity and focus. -M.

I wanted to say: Thank you. I've read your book "Decoding your destiny" and I realized I have the code: 11. I am born on...in cluj, romania and this makes me pround but also very responsable for others. I sense that, when I will discover love, it's what I am looking for now, I can became an exemple for others...

Next year will be my 8 personal year so I will have the chance to solve the unsolved problems in my life. I know NOW that I can discover love and transform my life.

Thank-you! A great show! You are a supportive, warm and loving host! -R.H.

La multi ani si un an nou fericit va doresc la fel si intregii echipe cu care lucrati. De cand v-am citit cele 3 carti in limba romana mi s-a schimbat viata in totalitate.Acum sunt chiar insarcinata, astept primul meu copil, mi-am schimbat locul de munca si am un barbat extraordinar.Si asta totul imediat dupa ce am citit cartile fara ca eu sa o fac intetionat.Poate numai modul de gandire mi l-am schimbat.Din cauza asta am facut cartea "Karma de fiecare zi" cadou oricarei persoane care o stiam in necaz.As face cadou si celelalte carti dar nu le aveti scrise decat in engleza si romana pe toate.Poate imi puteti spune in limba germana daca veti mai traduce si celelalte carti. Inca ceva ce ma interseaza foarte mult.Mi-ati scris in ultimul email ca noua carte apare in luna octombrie in romania.Imi puteti spune si unde o gasesc?Eu ma duc luni, 07.01.08, in romania si vreau sa o cumpar.Poate reusiti sa imi dati mai multe informatii in legatura cu noua carte. Va multumesc si sunt fericita ca existati. Ati schimbat viata multor persoane. Cu mult drag, G.

Your accident prediction was correct.... Your prediction was right on... -C.

I thank God for your presence in my life. Your state of love makes all the difference, and distinguishes you from all the other psychics out there. May God (and the Universe) bless you! - S.

I tell you, you are amazing. You were right again about the court case. It got delayed again... So you were right when you said, it will keep you here longer. You have some amazing skills. But I always knew that... -S.

Thank God! We spent the day together yesterday and it was awesome. I'm so excited! Thanks Carmen. You're the best! -B.

A woman in my family who was married last year and wanting children... just let us know she is pregnant ~ due Aug 28th...Your predictions are right-on. You rock! -M.A.

Hi Carmen, Thank you so very much for the joyous, inspiring and powerful interview. It is such a pleasure being interviewed by you. -B.

Thank you so much for having me as a guest on your wonderful show. I thoroughly enjoyed our talk. Your beautiful energy is life-giving. You are a gracious and generous host. I am honored to have met you. -Bronwyn, Award-Winning Author of The Food Is A Lie: The Truth Is Within.

Not sure if you watched the Superbowl or not... but a week ago on one of your radio shows you predicted the NY Giants would win (and they were huge underdogs by the way).... and they won! Couldn't believe it when you said it on the radio... but you were right, once again!-C.


Reason I'm writting this letter/mail is to say: Thank You! You changed my life, but through me You changed much more! You changed the my world, people, energy arround me. They don't know what had hyppened to them, they just feel happier! It's such a relief to live this way. I'm finally free, honestly happy and fulfilled...-M.

By the way, Carmen, was it just a week or two ago that you said you saw me getting an offer to do a regular writing gig, like a column? Not one but two clients called me yesterday morning to ask if I'd be a ghostwriter... I thought, darned, that prediction came true quickly!!!! :) -N.

Thank-You for the reading last night. I thought it was great and my wife was all smiles when I told her about the things we discussed. -S

Just a note to thank you once again for you most positive comment. You are definitely a positive in my life and I'm glad I've gotten to speak to you. It's almost as if I actually "know" you. You are such a beautiful lady and very kind and sweet. -S.

You are such a beautiful soul! Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful reading you gave to me on Thursday's Contact Talk Radio Show with your guest, Zee. I felt (and continue to feel) absolutely exuberant!

...The Best Year of My Life is starting, and I feel the burst of positive energy--especially since calling into your show, Decoding Your Destiny. You gave me such a positive affirmation and helped me believe more in myself and my direction...Thank you for the light you offer to all of us. -M.

I have called into your radio show a few times lately including Last night. I just want to thank you so much for the great reading from you and your guest. I am following my dreams and creating a new life. Every Thursday you give me so much hope. -M.

Thank you so very much for helping humanity through your books, music & guidance. I truly feel blessed that your book EVERYDAY KARMA was given to me this Christmas. -A.

I have to say that you was right about everything you told me...You are fabulous. -W.

I must say I listen to Lime Radio alot and there have been a few other guests that intrigue me but I could not believe how fast you were and how dead on you seemed to be with the majority of the readings you did. Fascinating I think! -B.

Just finished listening to your show today with Marguerite. I have listened to several of your shows over the last two months, but this one was exceptional. I've read your book Everyday Karma and Marguerite's book Cosmic Karma. Thank you both for sharing your special vision and gifts with me and others. You are both such beneficial presences in the universe. I loved the energy, the truth and the real compatibility of two souls that are clearly on this planet and in this lifetime to enlighten us. -J.

I just listend to your Decoding your Destiny show you did on Anna Nicole Smith back in February. And I just want to say you are amazing! I already knew this from all the info you have given me on my life, but it is great to hear your message go out to the world. I hope justice will happen for Anna and all the wrong that was done.You are a gift from God, I love you! -E.

I am slowly learning. You('re) always right. I just want to tell you...-A.R.

Thank you so much for our talk on Contact Talk Radio this afternoon. Both you and Pam picked up on some very key words and phrases from a song that Denver sent me this past Sunday afternoon. Almost the first thing you mentioned was his saying he 'didn't make it home again' and that he died in an accident on the road. This is all true - but also these words are a big part of the song through which he gave me a soul connection.

When I listen to the archive recording I will respond in more detail about the entire reading. After reading 'Everyday Karma' I felt very comfortable in calling your show, because your spirit is so clear and bright. -B.

I know that you work with so many people it is difficult to remember any of them... It's been several weeks since my reading with you. When you said "It was meant that we should talk today," it was really true. You have provided me with a road map and a window to my soul . Your sage advice and wisdom has served me well already. I am amazed by your gift, your insight and your compassion. Thank you for making a difference in my life at exactly the time I needed it. -M.

I just wanted to thank you, I am a young doctor who wrote you about six months ago asking about my mothers health. She got (through) a Bone marrow transplant, and you told me she is gonna be right, at the moment she is better, the transplant (was) great. Thanks for all. -G.M.

I just wanted to let you know I THINK YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON. You've helped me so much with my work, my personal development, and my Karma. You bring such light into the world and you help so many people! I think you're wonderful!!! -O.

I'm sure you receive an overwhelming amount of emails to ask for assistance, on the contrary, I just wanted to express gratitude for all that you do. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your knowledge! I've read Everyday Karma, Decoding Your Destiny and I am almost finished with The Trinity of Health. Thanks for being such an extraordinary person! -C.

Thank you for the reading last Friday. I loved your book and read it before our reading "Decoding Destiny". I agree with everything you wrote especially the part if you put your mind to anything you can do it. I have lived by that rule all my life and it has gotten me far. I also wanted to say for the most part your reading was right on the money with names and events that have happened. Therefore, I am trusting your future events for me will be just as good and when they do come around I will be very excited...-P.

Talking to you always puts me at ease, and gives me clarity. I always feel after talking to you I see the bigger picture of things, and am able to step out of the emotional "now". What I really can say is that through my sessions with you, I am able to see that all of what has happened and is happening, somehow makes sense in a grander scheme of things, � something I cannot see myself when I am in the midst of the chaos. The analysis on my codes today was most insightful.

While I seem to have signed up for some really tough lessons in life, at least my "code" made sure, there are some really good guides to help me through it all, .. that being YOU.

All I can say to you is THANK YOU.-S.

I'm getting married! Everything you said has come through! It is amazing! He is up in NY area as you had predicted, 3 years younger than me as you had predicted, he was Hispanic, divorced with no children as you had predicted and we are already working on having our first child. As you had predicted, we knew of each other since October but had never met in person until our birthdays which is what you said would happen and when we met, we just knew! I have never felt that connection with anyone, nor has he. I remember you telling me that everything will happen real quick once we meet because we will just know. We just know 100%!!!! He's moving down here too as you had predicted! He is the most beautiful soul I have ever met. I'm so in love with him! I love him!!!! -M.

I wanted to let you know that many of your predictions came true. Another psychic vision to add to your list of truths. -A.B.

What an incredible testimony. I know she is right on because these are the feelings that I had after reading your book. Everyone that I know that is in touch spiritually, I tell them about the book, and tell them they should read it.

When I had my first reading with Carmen the reading was just as incredible as the book. My first husband came through with a message for me, and message for our daughter. I had wanted to hear from my Dad, but my ex pushed through and hung out for about 45 minutes. The validations we so right on. I couldn't tell my daughter these things over the phone, because I didn't think she would believe them. I had her come to my house and listen to the tape. She said Mom, that's Dad. ...her greatest dream at this point is to be able to have a reading with Carmen. -P.

I wanted to thank you sooooo much for helping me find what was left of my family...when you told me that my karma with them was not yet solved and when you gave me a specific name, something clicked in my head and I realised that I had to track down some people that I hadn't seen in 25 years...

Well, not only did I find them, but they all welcome me with open arms and hearts. Our reunion was fantastic, Carmen and I shall never forget how I felt in their company. I have found some answers and, above all, I have discovered the love of a real family, a totally new feeling for me.

I could never thank you enough for this. You are a true gift from God. How lucky the world is to have you, Carmen. -T.

Intilnirea pe care am avut-o m-a "zdruncinat" din temelii! Vorbele sunt sarace si nu pot exprima ceea ce simt. Ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca ti-a dat acest dar si poti sa ne alini si noua, muritorilor de rind, suferintele mari sau mici, din cind in cind. Fiica mea e decisa sa-ti urmeze sfatul si sa nu se mute cu Shelly, desi nu ar fi vrut sa o faca inainte, la rugamintile mele. Multumiri adinci. Intr-adevar, ziua de nastere a fostului meu sot, tatal decedat al Irinei, Andrei, este 21 aprilie 1955. Se schimba ceva, mai este ceva aici? Astept cu nerabdare sa vin sa iau manuscrisul ultimei carti pe care ai scris-o si sa ma apuc de treaba. Ar fi o mare bucurie pentru mine si un privilegiu in acelasi timp. - Cu multa dragoste, M.

And of course all your predictions came to pass..You are amazing. I am so glad to have you as a friend and mentor in my life. I love you. -J.

Cind am deschis eamilul si am vazut ca am mess de la d-voastra sincera sa fiu m-am bucura nespus.Ma bucur ca o personalitate ca d-voastra imi da voie sa o sun.Va multumesc.Eu saptamina viitoare ma duc sa-mi vizitez fata ptr. o saptamina,dar o sa va sun cind sint pe drum.Abia astept.Mii de multumiri.Nu vreau nimic de la d-voastra doar sa-mi dati voie sa ocup un mic loc in inima d-voastra.Acum va las,doresc ca bunul D-zeu sa va aibe in paza Lui,si sa aveti o zii si un weekend minunat. cu mare respect -M.

I recently watched you perform some personal consultations on HappyHour. I was very impressed with your breadth of knowledge and your humane style.-M.

Sunt Dan baiatul cu care ati vorbit azi la telefon, vreau sa va multumesc din suflet pentru discutia avuta cu dumneavoastra astazi, sunteti o femeie extraordinara.

Va doresc tot binele din lume, sa fiti sanatoasa si sa aveti parte numai bucurii si impliniri pe toate planurile. Va multumesc. Cu drag, -D.

You were right they just let us know that the tumor isn't cancerous !!! Okay let me know when I can get a readying from you! You are such a love!! - M.

I am from Ecuador, this mail is to inform you that, Rafael Correa, the man you describe on your prediction, wins the election for president of Ecuador so, congratulations on that prediction, its amazing at the begining we dont know who you was taking about, but with de description, and the confirmation of you, this is the man, thanks and put on your web page, today Rafael Correa with the 56 % to the 46% of Alvaro Novoa, you can see at www.elcomercio.com its the news paper of Quito the capital city, of Ecuador. hope some day see you. -E fro Ecuador.

I am so thankful you've entered my life. Carmen, your positive spirit and outlook is truly contagious. I continue to practice your wonderful methods and principles. You are an angel...I am forever grateful we met....I would love to talk again after the holidays...Things are manifesting as you said they would....Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything...especially the positive light and energy you so freely give to all you touch. -T.

Last night you came to me in a dream (I'm sure you remember--ha!) and it was so lovely and real. You held my hands and told me to close my eyes and you showed me my future. It was such a rush of wonderfulness, I couldn't help, but cry out with glee. After I opened my eyes, it was though the memory of it was wiped clean and I was only left with the feeling of happiness for what is in store. I suppose that's my message, is to just trust that the future is BRIGHT. -C.

Cu bucurie si o umbra de nostalgie am aflat despre vizita dumneavoastra in Romania! Bucurie, pentru faptul ca, inca o data, mi se confirma faptul ca romanii sunt un popor inzestrat o sensibilitate si o deschidere spirituala cu mult mai mare decit alte popoare.Stiu ca se spune ca aici suntem in Gradina Maicii Domnului si ca, spre deosebire de altii suntem mult mai receptivi si mai intuitivi. Nostalgie dupa un acea perioada in care eram adolescenta si toate erau bune, frumoase si limpezi. Am citit site-ul dumneavoastra si as fi bucuroasa daca ati reusi sa deschideti o pagina si pentru romani. Va doresc sa va bucurati in continuare de sanatate si lumina care va deschide catre acea lume nevazuta care se datoreaza puritatii sufletului, in asa fel incat sa puteti fi de folos celor ce se afla in impas. Cu o deosebita simpatie, -I (Romania).

Pe mine m-ati fascinat zilele astea cat ati fost in Romania si ne-ati impartasit din puterea d-voastra extraordinara. Admir pozitivismul, energia pe care o emanati. V-am citit cartea "Karma de fiecare zi" dintr-o suflare, pot sa spun ca mi-ati schimbat perceptia asupra multor aspecte. Sunt, de asemenea, psiholog de profesie, si pot sa spun ca pentru oricine citeste cartea sau asculta profetiile d-voastra, fara sa vrea se programeaza pentru o viata mai buna. Multumim pentru karma cu care ne-ati inzestrat zilele acestea! -Cu drag, S.

Thank you, Dr. Harra, I truly appreciate your call today...I enjoyed connecting w/ you very much! Thank you, thank you!!! I'm excited about things unfolding. God Bless you too!!! -S.

Doamna frumoasa mi-ati luminat viata. Ma gandesc la dumneavoastra si ma simt bine prin simpla vizualizare a chipului. Oameni ca dumneavoastra dau sperante. Ar trebui si la noi un post radio , o emisiune in care sa vorbeasca romanilor despre iubire, despre Dumnezeu, despre frumusete si ar avea cea mai mare audienta. Lumea are nevoie ca de hrana de asa ceva. Eu mi-am hranit sufletul cu prezenta dumneavoastra la televizor. Ati bucurat multe suflete in romania dar am ramas tristi ca nu puteti fi aici cu noi. Va iubesc si ma bucur ca existati. multumesc ca mi-ati schimbat viata si perceptia asupra ei.

I´m reading your wonderful book, 'decoding your destiny' and I want to thank you for sharing your knowlage with us! Thank you again for a fantastic book! -W. from Sweden.

Just wanted to reconnect you two.... Apparently a lot of the predictions of years ago came true and Eric has a beautiful little boy now. -S.

I wanted to thank you for your words regarding R's career. You were right on target. Your prediction gave us hope and helped to keep us going these past few months. You are truly gifted and we are fortunate to have you in our circle. -K.

Suzane was so impressed with you and most definitely enjoyed the show. She asked me to extend her most heartfelt thanks to you. As for me, it has been a delight to meet you. Your sweet spirit and loving heart have jumped right out of the emails and I feel your wonderful spirit. I look forward to connecting with you again. Have a glorious day, my friend, Patty

I came to see you about 4 yrs ago on the recommendation of my friend. I just re-listened to the tape of my session and you had said 38 was going to be an important year for me. I think you were exactly right ! (Not that that surprises you I'm sure). -L.

First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat will truly be lived to it's full capacity. Especially since I read "DECODING YOUR DESTINY". I now understand what my purpose in life is, in the past my mind used to battle negativity, by only thinking positive thoughts and surrendering to my problems I have felt the shift and see the turning point within myself. My soul has reached the Light. From the bottom of my heart I send you my Love and deepest appreciation for your guidance, your teachings, and your radiating Light that you are sharing with Humanity. -A.

Carmen, this is something I wrote about Michael's best friend that died, and it's on the website. Just thought I'd share with you. My friend Carmela who was in the car crash with me...her birthday was Satruday and I gave her your book. Her and her mom are reading it. Thats the second time I gave your book as a gift. I love you! -K.

Just a quick note to say thank you. I was a caller on the Wisdom Today radio program this evening but unfortunately lost my signal during the reading. Thankfully they archive the show so I was able to go back and listen to what I had missed. The deceased man who died young was my Uncle..., he did die at a young age, and was like a father to me. I lived with he and my Aunt and they were more like parents to me than aunt/uncle. Since his passing my aunt has told me that he thought of me as a daughter. So that's where the "father" connection was. I never knew my biological father, so that's why I wasn't making the connection when we spoke. Thanks again for all the information you brought through to me. Love & Blessings, -J.

I wanted to thank you for your session we had on Dec.1. You are such an inspiration and when I hung up the phone from you I felt a real good feeling and a positive feeling which I do not feel often these days. You are a very special, gifted person I am very happy I contacted you. I have told many people how special you are. I hope everyday you find happiness in your life because you deserve that. -D.

I'm not sure if you remember me, but you did a phone reading for me back in September. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years, and just as you predicted, we just learned that I am FINALLY pregnant through In Vitro Fertilization. I'm not only amazed that you predicted it, but that it was right down to the month of conception (which was November). In fact, you said my grandmother was "underlining the month of November" to you. I'm just blown away!!! ...I am so excited about the prospect of finally holding our child in my arms. Thank you so very much for everything you've done. You'll never know what a comfort your prediction brought to me and my family...and what believers you've made out of all of my friends.-J.

As per our reading, you had mentioned an initial of a person whom I would be meeting and this person would be a female who wears lots of jewelry...I am currently meeting with this person and you were right on target detail by detail. I'm astonished, you're incredible!! -I.

...we spoke in September, I never wrote to you to thank you and to tell you that you have enlightened my life by proving once again that living is all about loving. "It's all about love, Maria" were my beloved father-in-law's last words, and to me. I read your book, it flows with wisdom, clarity and sincerity and made easy and credible reading of subjects that are ethereal and that we can only know because we can only feel. -M.

I am reading your book "Decoding your destiny" now and I find it very interesting...And thank you very much for the book, I have learned a lot from it and I use it almost every day. -AM from Norway

I spoke to you in march. I called you and you said I would be offered a record deal very soon and to keep you posted. Well soon after that, an indie label contacted me...They are offering me what looks to be like an amazing deal on the surface. I sent the contracts to a music lawyer to review. Thank you so much for your help Carmen!! -D.

You are one of the best things that ever happened in my life...your presence in my life, your encouragement has been a lifesaver.God bless you! -S.

I have been reading your book, Decoding Destiny, Your life's Code and Free Will...thank you for writing this book. I have found much comfort within the words...-R.

I thoroughly enjoyed your program. It was an amazing and interesting experience!!. You sent very positive messages to me. However, you mentioned the initials R.G.. Of course, at the time I did not recognize who that maybe but do feel I can associate with those initials. -W.

I have spoken to you a couple of times. We have had a couple of sessions that proved amazing. -D.

I had a session in November 2005.Thanks for your help. After your session I met one charming guy immediately which you described to me. I felt he was my Mr.Right! I married that guy and I'm very happy now. Thank you very much. -A.

Remember when you had your radio show and i called in....that was last summer - everything came true, everything.-F.

You are the most accurate psychic who has ever read me...-J.

We spoke back in February when my daughter was very ill, she had renal failure. You told me she would be fine and she is. She regained renal function back in April. Thank you for giving me hope. -A.

Wanted to just say hello and thank you so much for the class last week. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully you will do more.... I hope to see you soon, you are awesome.-A.

Thank you for the reading last week. You always hit the mark. -M.

Just want 2 say, "I loved last night!" I came not knowing what 2 expect & beleive it or not I never heard of u. U r one packaged individual. Ur energy is contagious.-J.

Thanks for you time! We really enjoyed your company. I sent your adress to Patricio and he will respond soon. Remember that we want to have you in Ecuador next year, the new President wants to meet you! Keep in touch. Galo Arellano, NBC Telemundo New York Bureau, Correspondent

Just a note to thank you for writing this book. I happened onto to your other book "Everyday Karma" quite by accident (then again, maybe it wasn't an accident & the universe send it my way...) and it was an eye opening experience. When I found out you were coming out with a new book, I knew I just had to have it (my job circumstances at the time demanded the acquisition of this book). I have read the book 5 times--several pages have been turned at the corner for quick reference and several sentences highlighted. I'm still lost as to my career destiny, however the book helped me discover my soul destiny and I thank you very much for that insight.-C.

I very much enjoyed your class tonight and thank you for the reading. -S.

I really want to thank you for you have kept me with hopes so high that every thing was going to be ok with my husband. Thank you with all my heart and thank God I believed in you but first of all thank God and You. -K.

I am just reading the last sides in your latest book "Decoding your destiny" and I have found your book very interesting and nice to read, full of wisdom. Thank you so much for your book and thank you for being you. -J. from Sweden

Carmen, I just got home from your talk at the Learning Annex and must say that you are a remarkable, marvelous, brilliant woman. I was fascinated by the ideas that you conveyed and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the evening. You are so charming and funny. You even read my birthday for me at the end--did you know that it was me, Dana, when you were reading? Thank you for your kind words...-D.

As you predicted two years ago, that the president of our coumntry will be a man in his 40s with a big smile, it actually happened. Today, Nov, 26, 2006 Rafael Correa won the elections. Our country is extremely happy with this results, and I just wanted to share it with you.-J.

Greetings of love to you. This is to acknowledge my phone conversation with you on December 28th and to thank you for the time that you allowed from your schedule. It was a wonderful delight speaking with you. I felt so comfortable and light, and the information that you shared has empowered me. I have a new perspective on situations in my life now. After speaking with you my Mother acknowledged her presence by flickering the light in the apartment and that was so special to me. I wish you the best in life always. I will keep you posted as to my progress. Thank you so very much. I love you. -C.

I just had to write you today to tell you how much you have helped and inspired me these past few weeks.I just re-read Everyday Karma and it has opened my eyes to many things and led me to other authors that have made an enormous difference in my life--all in just a few short weeks.

I have been working to develop my ability to better hear the voices of God, the angels and my spirit guides and it is amazing how they will work with you when you take the time to listen and ask for their help. Some wonderful shifts have taken place lately and signs and messages keep confirming that I am on the right path.

I have completely released the situation to God and the angels and know that it will be returned to me healed. In fact a very strong message came through last week when another person whom I had written off as no longer a part of my life contacted me out of the blue. I thought "If this relationship can come back to me so can the one that involves my life purpose." It gave my faith a great boost. Thank you so much for all you have done to inspire me to follow this path. It is truly a wonderful place to be. -L.

I have been reading your book, Decoding Destiny, Your life's Code and Free Will. I would like to say thank you for writing this book. I have found much comfort within the words...-R.

Carmen you are a true amazing channel...today I had a meeting with J. C. and we are going to write an article about Spirituality and Money that she says we will parlay into a book. Remember you said I see you doing a book and I said "Oh no I am doing my healing concerts" I have no time to write a book...PS HA, HA I just realized what happened this morning...-A.

The past 6 months have been such trying times for me. I was faced with several major life decision: what should I do with my future career, what do I do with the man I love and how do I find something I love and help the world at the same time..

I am soooo fortunate to have met you. Everytime I talk to you, I would pray about what you said so that I would truly understand it deeply. Your spiritual guidance have helped me confirm my intuition and guided me towards the light!!!

I just found a job I love with a company I absolutely love and with the $ I want. What's more amazing is the fact that I found a life long mentor who loves me deeply and help me with all his might. I followed your guidance to work with my boyfriend on the decision during the past several months and he is now not only ok with it but 110% supportive of my decision. My company also lets me work from home a couple days a month so that I get to spend time at home with him. Thank you soooo much Carmen. I really appreciate everything you did for me. -H

I so thoroughly enjoyed the seminar yesterday. I truly wished I could set up a meeting with you for today! Your energy, your kindness, your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your passion, your LOVE - they are such a gift and I was so excited to hear your "knowings". Most of what you said about what we are and who we are resonated completely with me. I have "known" these things since my early 20s, and have fed my hunger for spirituality and my desire to know God since then. I say I have "known" these things because they have always made PERFECT sense to me. However, I don't try to convince anyone else of them, or make anyone think that I dismiss THEIR beliefs, because there are many paths, and we all must find our own. I just KNOW these things for MYSELF. I KNOW that I create my own reality and I try to construct my world in a positive, loving way EVERY day. It is not always easy. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I look forward to seeing you and talking with you again in the near future.-I.

Thank you for sharing your superior knowledge. Your books Everyday Karma and Decoding Your Destiny are excellent. I felt strongly your guidance, like you would held my hand and led me out of confusion. I wish I new all about it earlier in my life. I am grateful to you for helping me to understand my potentiality even now at 61. Shortly after reading your books I found out about your lecture just 45 minutes from where I live...what a coincident.. Your lecture was excellent. I was very excited to witness your prodigious psychic abilities showing that you can know and see things what most of us can not. Thank you for giving away and sharing your visions, for helping us to connect with Invisible World and for helping us envision a new way of life. I wish your inspiring predictions concerning our society and global humanity will come true. Personally I'm looking forward to meet my grandchildren. Thank you. Hope to see you again. Looking forward to your new book The Trinity of Health. -E.

I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU for speaking with me the other night. You always help me--it's amazing. You predicted I would meet "S" and I did. And I absolutely love that you believe he's my soulmate--this makes me feel incredible. Really, when I think about him being "the one" I get chills. You are absolutely the best. I'm re-reading your book right now I want to learn all I can about karmic debts and fulfillments. Carmen, do you think I've almost completed my karmic debts? Carmen, again, thank you! And please let me know when your schedule frees up as I would LOVE to come in for a regression/hypnotherapy session! - M.

Thank you so much for giving me guidance today on your show, Decoding Your Destiny! That was so nice of you, and I feel wonderful!!! You have such a beautiful spirit. I loved hearing your song on the show! I danced around in my apartment to it. Wow, that was the first time I heard you sing! You have such a powerful voice. Fantastic! I am so honored that you offered to send me your CD. One day soon, I know I'll be able to return the gesture. :) -M.

I just wanted to say you thanks for your words. It is really interesting and surprising to confirm in my life some things that you told me. I dont know if you remember that you saw my mom's grandmother, and that she was telling you something with the letter A. I couldnt remember that moment but her name is Alicia. Also, I remember that you saw me driving in a small car. My parents just told me yesterday that they are planning in buying a small car for me an my brother. For these and other things, I am really surprised and happy because of the other good things that you told me that are going to happen in the future. Your works really gave confidence in my future, my plans and security that I can take the right decisions towards the fulfillment of my objectives. However, I am still a little bit worried about my mom's situation. Thanks again for all the nice things that you told me and my brother. It was a very good experience for both of us. We really enjoyed the conversation that we had. We are going to take into account your advices and suggestions. I'll keep in touch with you, and I'll tell you when your predictions come true in my life. -S.

Sunt Silvia din Suceava si timpul greu din viata mea a cautat un ajutor. Pe cine sa intreb? Cine ma ajuta? Cind inima imi e zdrobita si durerea e mai mult decit poti experimenta! Mai incurajat cu un alt mesaj ca sufletul meu pereche e in strainatate si ca il voi cunoaste. Lucram deja cu un misionar de sapte ani. An dupa an am asteptat,.m-am rugat, am vizualizat, meditat. Cit de mult il iubesc numai Dumnezeu stie.Si iata ca el vineri pleaca.Si spune ca el nu are nici un sentiment pentru mine,nimic decit relatii de serviciu. Neaga orice sentiment. Ajuta-ma te rog. In urma cu doi ani am cunoscut un om care venise sa ne ajute pe timpul verii.Era din Indiana. Se interesase de mine.A locuit in casa lui Steve colegul meu.Au avut probleme si a plecat. A trebuit sa plece pentru ca relatia mea cu Steve nu era gata? La plecare i-am daruit un agat violet considerind ca era lucru cel mai reprezentativ pentru mine. Ajuta-ma ,imi doresc atit de mult sa am o famile. Silvia sunt nascuta la Suceava 23.11.1966, Steve 9.08.1973,Pennsylvania, Allen 11.11.1969,Indiana. Poate nu e nici unul din ei?Poti sa ma ajuti ,am 40 de ani,si am obosit. Iti multumesc pentru timpul petrecut cu mine,iti multumesc pentru orice ajutor,am apreciat cele trei carti tiparite in Romania ale tale,te iubesc .Sunt descurajata asteptind in fiecare zi ceva mai bun pentru mine. Orice incurajare imi va fi de folos. Multumesc

You are such an Angel for remembering my daughter’s birthday. We love having you here Carmen and I am so grateful to have met you in this lifetime. Much love and thanks for your beautiful heart. - Laura Smith - Radio Program Director/Operations Manager/on Air Life Balance Media LLC

I would like to thank you so much for the consultation you gave me one and a half year ago. Everything you said has become true! It was so wonderful for me to recieve all the knowledge from you, especially with all the love and concern you showed me. You gave me so much happiness, Carmen.

At last I want to thank you for your final book, it is so wonderful! It's such a great feeling to know that someone out there (you) really knows what life is all about. For some years I've known how the universe works, but I need to be reminded, it's a really wonderful book, it has lifted me up. Keep up the fantastic work, Carmen. You spread so much love to people. -I.