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carmen harra's private sessions and pricing


dr. carmen harra



Wouldn't it be heavenly to erase the mistakes of the past, eliminate confusion in your daily life, and feel secure knowing what tomorrow will bring?
Most of us live our entire lives vaguely dissatisfied, sensing that we are missing something important. By personally guiding you to a deeper understanding of your own karma, I will provide you with tools that will help you to heal your past, use your free will wisely, and create a more joyful future. I can help you decode your destiny, and assist you in understanding your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions so that you can live more consciously and make choices that lead to a happier and healthier life.
Best of all, I've made your personal session more affordable than ever. For a limited time, enjoy a 25% reduction in price:
10 minutes at a fee of $100.00,
20 minutes at a fee of $150.00,
30 minutes at a fee of $250.00,
60 minutes at a fee of $400.00.

To schedule your appointment, please send an e-mail to CarmenHarra@aol.com or call 917-771-6035 and we can confirm a mutually acceptable time.
Click here for more information: ENGLISH  ESPANOL  ROMANIAN
I look forward to working with you to bring fresh, positive, and balanced energy into your everyday world.



Please be mindful of the time we spend on the phone together. If our session goes beyond the allotted time, additional charges may be applied according to the prices listed above.
All sessions must be paid for in advance via credit card, cash, or check. If consultation is via the telephone, please have your credit card available.
Once your appointment has been scheduled, when calling, if you have a blocked phone number, please enter *82 prior to dialing. No calls will be accepted from telephone numbers that are blocked or "unavailable."
*All sessions are non-refundable*



Querido amigo/a:
Muchas gracias por contactarme. He recibido tu mensaje y espero de corazon poder ayudarte.
Debido a la gran cantidad de emails que recibo, la mejor manera de asistir a las personas fuera de Estados Unidos de manera personalizada es por telefono. Las sesiones en espanol (con mi traductora en vivo) tienen el siguiente horario.
El numero para llamar en ingles es 917-771-6035
Accepto tarjeta de credito solamente. Al comienzo de la llamada, usted debe de proveer el numero de tarjeta y fecha de expiracion. Inmediatamente despues, empezaremos la sesion.
Antes de llamar, tenga listo una lista de sus preguntas, un boligrafo y un hoja para anotar la informacion que le dare.
Por favor, sea paciente si la linea no contesta, eso quiere decir que estamos en sesion con otra persona. Deje un mensaje, manda un texto, o intente marcar otra vez.
Si desea una consulta en persona, llameme para hacer una cita.
Espero tener la oportunidad de servirle a la mayor cantidad de personas posible.
Mis mejores deseos,
Carmen Harra




Incepand cu data de Aprilie 15 2009, puteti face programari pentru consultatii cu Dr. Carmen Harra, trimitand un e-mail la adresa: CarmenHarra@aol.com
Puteti alege intre o consultatie telefonica (Dr. Harra va va suna personal, la ora stabilita), o consultatie prin Skype, sau una prin intermediul internetului, unde vi se va raspunde la 4 intrebari.
Pentru programari, trimteti un e-mail la adresa sus mentionata, cu informatiile necesare procesarii platii si veti primi o programare. In cazul in care, din motive de securitate nu doriti sa trimiteti datele cartii de credit prin intermediul e-mailului, puteti lasa un numar de telefon al unui post fix si veti fi sunat de asistenta sa pentru a-i comunica datele respective.
Clientii care doresc programari si consultatii, pot folosi deasemenea Skype. Carmen Harra poate fi gasita prin Skype la urmatorul contact: CarmenHarra in New York, NY.
Urmatoarele optiuni de plata sunt valabile:
1.) Credit Card (plata se va face imediat inainte de consultatie)
2.) PayPal (trimis prin PayPal la adresa email: CarmenHarra@aol.com)
3.) Western Union (trimis prin Western Union la Doina Carmen Harra in Hollywood, Florida, United States).



Regular prices not reflecting discounts are:
10 minutes at a fee of $150,
20 minutes at a fee of $300,
30 minutes at a fee of $400,
60 minutes at a fee of $600.


Dr. Carmen Harra

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